Extend your helping hand for a good cause


Shape foundation Nepal aims to contribute basically in the following practice areas.

  • Education
    • To create amicable environment for greater access to education for Women, Dalit, Marginalized, Endangered, Poor, Back ward classes of underdeveloped areas.
    • To work in increasing access to the people from suppressed class and areas.
    • To organize night class for the adult women and grown up youngster to increase literacy rate and to teach the importance of women empowerment.
  • Health  
    • To support women and children through different activities like educating, providing trainings and relief fund packages to enrich women and children health condition.
    • To educate women about Menstrual, Pregnancy and sexual health.
    • To educate about importance of nutrients and to manage nutritious meals to the needy infants.
  • Entrepreneurship
    • To do research on the possibilities of small and cottage based industries in context to the country’s geographical structure to increase maximum number of employment to the locals.
    • To provide vocational and technical trainings to help people start their own business.
  • Disaster Management
    • To educate people about the different natural calamities they will have to get prepared according to the geographical conditions.
    • To help and work together with governmental and non- organizations to construct earthquake resistance village.